Vivix Powerful Proof

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Factors such as stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins can weaken cells’ natural defenses, lower cell energy, damage DNA, and decrease cell performance. All of these can contribute to cellular aging.

Clinical Studies show Vivix® ingredients positively impact four key mechanisms of aging at the cellular level.

1) Cell Defense


Blunts Biological Stress
A clinical study published in The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that key ingredients in Vivix blocked a key marker of biological stress response after the consumption of a high-fat fast food breakfast totaling 930 calories.

2) Cell Energy


Increased Energy Production
Vivix increases energy production at the cellular level, which declines as we age. A laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix significantly increased mitochondria-the cellular power plants that produce energy.

**In a laboratory study at a leading university, Vivix = resveratrol + proprietary polyphenol blend.

3) Cell Repair

DNA Protection & Repair
Laboratory studies show that key Vivix ingredients help protect against DNA damage, supporting DNA replication for healthy cell function.


Shown in laboratory studies, Vivix protects and repairs DNA, which is assaulted millions of times every day. These assaults can damage the cell’s DNA, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.

4) Cell Performance


Inhibiting The Formation of AGE Proteins
Results from a laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix inhibited the formation of AGE proteins. Vivix activates a genetic regulator that helps improve cellular performance and slows the formation of damaging AGE Proteins, which can accumulate and result in cell damage.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to Get Your Vivix?
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